Handiscover Accessibility signs four new clients in Stockholm

By joining Handiscover Accessibility, Gallerian, Fältöversten, MOOD Stockholm and Mörby Centrum aim to document and communicate their accessibility to their customers with some kind of disability.

We are happy to announce our newest clients in Stockholm, Sweden! Gallerian, Fältöversten, MOOD Stockholm (AMF Fastigheter) and Mörby Centrum (Skandia Fastigheter) have joined our Accessibility Management Program.

Gallerian was the first shopping mall to see the light of day in Stockholm City. When the gates opened in 1976, it was with the same ambition of wanting to create something new and modern that is still alive today. You will find over 50 shops and a lot of restaurants and cafés, as well as training facilities. 

Fältöversten is located in the middle of Östermalm and has been a shopping center since 1973. Fältöversten has 60 shops including restaurants, cafes, hairdressers and clothing stores.

At central MOOD Stockholm you can shop for interior design, fashion for women or men, beauty, shoes, and accessories, since 2012. There are also restaurants, outdoor dining and cafes, exciting training concepts and beauty salons.

Mörby Centrum in Danderyd in the north of Stockholm is a shopping center consisting of approx. 65 commercial businesses including restaurants & cafes, banks, pharmacies, libraries, post offices and training centers. The shopping center has existed since 1961.

Together we will work to collect and gather granular data and communicate their physical accessibility so that their customers with disabilities can confidently plan their visits to their premises.

Get in touch with us to learn how our Accessibility Management Program can help your business improve accessibility for your customers here.

143584078_4270941492934663_4314729283514043660_nGallerian köpcentrum 


Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 3.48.12 pmMOOD Stockholm

Mörby CentrumMörby Centrum


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