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Our vision

Building the world leader in Accessibility and Disability data, and creating products that facilitate life for people with special needs.


More about us:

We started as a B2C accommodation marketplace handiscover.com in 2015 and have now launched both B2B and B2G solutions to help businesses and municipalities to take control and improve their accessibility as well as help them communicate their accessibility to end-users.

Based in Malmö (Sweden) but composed of a very international and remote team, we cover 13 nationalities, are aiming at gender parity and welcome employees being part of our community, i.e. with mobility, visual, hearing or cognitive impairments.


We make a real impact

Over 20% of the world population has some form of disability and is eager as any other consumer to both enjoy a normal daily life or be able to discover the world.

Although lots of progress has been made in terms of accessibility, reality is still far away from perfect. More importantly, information about accessibility is lying far behind, with either lack of or erroneous accessibility data. At Handiscover we are dedicated to mapping the world when it comes to accessibility and provide tools and services to our community to navigate their life.


Meet our team of experts

Sebastien Archambeaud


Sebastian Mutsson


Fatmir Seremeti

Senior Account Manager – B2B Sales

Alex Ivanchyk

Lead Back End Developer

Evgeniy Smirnov

Back End Developer

Nikolay Nesterchuck

Front End Developer

Aleksey Nesterchuck

Mobile Developer


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 953297

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