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Accessibility is an important part of Väla’s work with inclusion

Väla wants to be a center and a meeting place for everyone in the region – both in terms of offerings and inclusion. The physical accessibility has now been further improved in collaboration with Handiscover Accessibility, and with this comes greater awareness and knowledge in the area.

When Handiscover contacted Väla, the Accessibility Management Program felt like a great first step to making accessibility visible.

– We have long considered ourselves an accessible center, as we are mainly on one level. We already have few physical barriers in the building construction but have focused on the design of signs, clear walkways and contrasting markings. We also have a digital map where the information can be read out, says marketing manager Ulrika Nordström.

– Finding this information in a consolidated way via the Handiscover widget on our website now makes it easier for everyone to plan their visit with us. We also have information about when there are fewer people in the center, one of the Covid measures that we obviously keep because it can also make things easier, Ulrika continues.


Ulrika Norström, marketing manager at Väla.

To strengthen knowledge about people with different types of disabilities, Fatmir Seremeti from Handiscover lectured for center management and stores. Many wanted to know more, while some larger chains already have investments in the area.

– Fatmir was personal and told us about his life story and also had concrete tips. It was impressive and cool to hear, but also educational. He created a permissive context with room to ask ”stupid” questions, Ulrika says.

About Väla

Väla is located in the middle of 11 municipalities, easily accessible by the E4 and E6 outside Helsingborg.
naugurated: 1974. New Väla was inaugurated in 2011 and in 2015 additional retail space was acquired. 
Number of stores: 200 
Number of visits: 11 million/year 
Turnover: Estimated at SEK 3 billion 
Commercial area: 100,000 sq m 
Staff: approx. 3,000 Center management consists of 12 people. 
Owner: Väla is owned and managed by Skandia Fastigheter.
Links: Väla and Skandia Fastigheter.

Välas accessibility work 

Challenge: To visualize and document accessibility in the physical environment.

Solution: Accessibility Management Program and widget on the website, lecture by a consultant from Handiscover for both information and inspiration.

Results: New goals are set annually. The plan is to work with continuous improvements in the existing environment and to take into account accessibility for additions, events and the like.

Curious about the people behind Handiscover Accessibility? Read an article about the consultant Fatmir Seremeti, who lectured at Väla, here.


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