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Mobilia is taking steps towards a more inclusive shopping experience

After learning about accessibility, Mobilia's goal is to make its venues inclusive and welcoming for everyone, including their customers with disabilities.

Mobilia in Malmö is focusing on the experience in their venues and wants to be inclusive and welcoming for everyone. After learning about accessibility and the need to accommodate their customers with disabilities, Mobilia decided to take action. Handiscover Accessibility was the perfect solution to help them on their journey.

When Floor Manager Tina Nimhagen and Marketing Director Maria Svensson heard about the solutions provided by Handiscover Accessibility, they took a go to start working with these types of improvements in the physical environment. 

The fact that 20% of customers have a disability or impairment was new to Tina and Maria. The population is also getting older. Since their aim is to be inclusive and increase visits and sales, it is a good way of doing both social good and focusing on the business perspectives.

- Our goal is to be inclusive and that is why we have started this collaboration, to make Mobilia more accessible - for everyone, says Tina.


Was it easy to get started with the accessibility work?

- Yes, for sure. We started an inventory and got a new view of our venue, looking for contrast markings, pillars and ramps. Now we have the understanding and awareness of what more there is to do, and can plan these improvements more thoroughly, as Tina describes.

A team from Handiscover collected the data from the public spaces in the mall directly in the Accessibility Management System. Instantly, the widget could be installed on their website. This means that customers with disabilities are able to plan their visit, using their smartphones: Where to park, what entrances to use and how to easiest move around smoothly within the mall. 

Our goal is to be inclusive and that is why we have started this collaboration, to make Mobilia more accessible - for everyone.” 

- Tina Nimhagen, Floor Manager at Mobilia

To work with accessibility is aligned with the industry’s focus at the moment – the social side of the Global Goals. As a part of Atrium Ljungberg, Mobilia work with their overall sustainability goals. It’s essential to have a long-term plan with specific goals and pay attention to continuous improvements.

- We are happy with our approach of taking steps, big or small. This means that the engagement within the team is nurtured – that the efforts and teamwork spread joy is key, Maria says.

What's the next step for you?

We want to learn more. It is excellent that both of us are engaged in this long-term project since we can discuss ideas regarding continuous improvements in this area, Maria explains. Another thing we are planning is to raise awareness amongst the shop owners, as well. This can be done through education - that one of Handiscovers consultants share their knowledge about facts and perspectives.

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Mobilia's accessibility journey

1. Challenge: To work actively with physical accessibility. To learn more about accessibility and to make improvements along the way.

2. Solution: Managing – and communicating – the accessibility at their locations, through Handiscover Accessibility’s services and widget implemented on their website (read more about the widget here).

3. Result/Value/Impact: Now Mobilia has a baseline, from which they can continuously improve. 

About Mobilia in Malmö

Mobilia is a city district with a mix of shopping, restaurants, offices, housing and health care. 

Conversions and extensions have happened in stages. The most recent opening was the marketplace house in the autumn of 2020, with shops, Funnys Äventyr and Nordisk Film Bio.

  • Inaugurated: 1968
  • Number of stores: about 100
  • Number of visits in 2021: 12 million
  • Turnover 2021: approx. SEK 1.7 billion
  • Commercial area 2021: 58,000 sqm
  • Staff: about 1200
  • Owner: Mobilia is owned and managed by Atrium Ljungberg, which is one of Sweden's largest listed real estate companies.
  • Links:,

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