Shop accessibility: Embracing the customers’ needs

Our innovative platform is thoroughly built to embrace different demands and situations. This was displayed when a shopping mall, Nova Lund, chose to include all the shops on the Handiscover Accessibility platform.

Handiscover Accessibility’s ambition is to map buildings, venues, and various places in all areas of society. Of course, this puts our platform in a demanding position. But that is what it’s made for! We are developing the platform for our client’s unique needs in accordance with our expertise and high standards – venue by venue.

A benefit of a tech platform is that you can continuously upgrade and improve the product. When onboarding Nova Lund, our first client that included all the shops in the mall on the platform and accessibility widget, we got the opportunity to adjust it to cover the needs of the end-users. By including the shops, Nova Lund makes the journey from planning to entering the specific shops smooth. Everything is displayed on the accessibility widget on the customer’s device. That way, the service for customers with some kind of disability is improved and the awareness of accessibility is broadened.

Hands-on, we updated our questionnaire on the platform and included new areas. The most critical areas to cover in shops are the following:

Changing rooms

Nova Lund shop changing rooms

Queue systems

Nova Lund shop queue system

Check-out disks

Nova Lund shop check out

Elevators in the shops

Elevator in shop

When we meet the needs of different venues continuously, our team of experts is always ready to apply their knowledge and experience to meet the expectations of both the end-users – the client’s customers – and legal compliances.

Nova Lund Widget List of shops-1


The list of shops in the accessibility widget, on the clients' website. You reach it on the Accessibility icon in the lower right corner of the website. Have a look here

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